Concrete stone molds

Опубликовано: 26.06.2017

видео concrete stone molds

Concrete Mold Making Veneer Stone Master Mold

We will be adding more instructions, and directions for working with, cement, plaster and moulds.  Other areas for the homeowner, handyman and handy woman, do it yourselfer, landscaper, or gardener,  will be added also.   They will include articles like,  learn how to make concrete steppingstones.   And,  how to make custom cement floor and wall tile.   Also, how to make concrete counter tops.   As well as building stone walls. How about some money-saving home improvements? Or some articles on tile installations,  garden molds, sealing concrete--- and much more. As we said, if you have an idea or want to learn something new, let us know.  We'll see what we can do to help you with your new project.   Or maybe you need to fix up an old project?

Visit us often for updates, and information about our new upcoming Affiliate Program.  You can earn a portion of all purchases мейд by those you've referred to our products.  Kind of like, getting a piece of the pie.   We are also working on a fund raiser program we hope to offer soon to churches, and Цивик groups.

And we will be having a customer project contest soon.   We are dedicating a website just to that.  And those customers of ours who enter photos can win up to $1000 and other valuable prizes.   just send in photos of your projects to enter.  The public will be able to visit our contest website.  And they will be able to vote in each product and installation category.   Winners will be judged by the number of votes the public gives to each project.  What are you waiting for?   The contest will be starting soon.   

How to cast concrete stone mold without additives. In-mold coloring.

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