Why does not melt chocolate in a water bath. How to heat chocolate with a water bath?

  1. Why on the water bath?
  2. How to melt in the bath?

The question of how to melt chocolate in a water bath will seem naive to some. After all, what could be easier than to melt this delicacy.

Put it in the sun and let it spread. However, this way you will get a product that can be eaten, but it will be difficult to create a culinary masterpiece from it.

For culinary purposes, so-called dark chocolate is usually used. It should contain especially a lot of grated cocoa and butter last. The higher the percentage of cocoa beans, the better the delicacy will look on your baking and the richer its taste will become.

If you want chocolate to melt well and could be successfully used to produce a sweet dish, take products from well-known companies that value their reputation.

Among domestic producers, good products are produced by such companies as “Russia”, “Babaevsky”, “Red October”.

Why on the water bath?

In order to understand how to melt chocolate in a water bath, you need to know what it is In order to understand how to melt chocolate in a water bath, you need to know what it is. This method is a method of cooking, in which heat treatment is carried out by placing the vessel in hot water.

The contents of the container are not cooked over a fire, but in a hot bath. More precisely, it is not so much a way of cooking, which involves boiling, as the option of heating and maintaining a certain temperature.

The peculiarity of the water bath is the uniformity and gradual heating. At the same time, the contents of a vessel placed in hot water are not exposed to excessive heat exposure.

They resort to such a procedure if it is necessary to achieve a transition to a certain state from the product. So many medicinal herbal preparations, confectionery creams, sauces are prepared. Thus melted delicate product chocolate.

How to melt in the bath?

Chocolate is a capricious product that melts when not needed and does not do this if such a state is required from it. You can spoil more than one tile before you learn how to properly steam chocolate in a bath.

Yes, this product really needs to soar, and not to fry in a frying pan or cook in a saucepan.

In order to understand how to melt chocolate correctly, you need to adhere to the following algorithm of actions: In order to understand how to melt chocolate correctly, you need to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Take two containers of different diameters. One of them should not just be less than the other, and most importantly, substantially her already. It is best to take one saucepan. Another vessel to be placed in this container may even be a glass jar. However, for chocolate, it is better to take a wider dish because you have to stir it. Still need a wooden spatula or spoon.
  2. Pour water into a larger vessel and place on the stove to heat up. Liquid should fill no more than half the vessel. The smaller container must be dry inside, because when it comes into contact with water, chocolate will lose the properties you need.
  3. Wait until the water in the larger vessel heats up to a hot state, and place a smaller container there. Before the last you need to put broken chocolate bars. The water in the base pan is better not to bring to a boil. It is enough to keep the water temperature around + 70 ... + 80 ºС. This is enough to melt, and boiling water can cause discomfort when stirring.
  4. Next, maintain the desired temperature in the saucepan, bath and drown chocolate, stirring it all the time. Use for this wooden object (spatula, spoon). Such an action is performed from the moment when the edges of the pieces begin to melt, and until the solid product becomes completely liquid. Dark chocolate melts at about 55 ° C. The light product contains less cocoa powder, so it goes into a liquid state already at 45 ° C.
  5. The main trick is not to overheat the future ingredient of your culinary creations. The temperature of the melted chocolate should not exceed + 40 ... + 45 ºС. Otherwise, after cooling it may appear white bloom . It does not spoil the taste, but this may not coincide with your aesthetic requirements.

To carry out the procedure of melting in two ways To carry out the procedure of melting in two ways. One is fast, the other is safe. In the first case, a container of chocolate can be immersed in boiling water standing on the fire.

The time from the beginning of heating to the production of liquid chocolate in this case is significantly reduced, but this method is fraught with burns and unpleasant sensations.

In the second variant, the water can be brought to a boil, removed from the heat and only after that place a vessel with chocolate in it. If you need a little liquid product, and you have enough time, then the second method is preferable and much more convenient.

In any case, do not melt with boiling water. Firstly, there is a risk of water droplets entering the inner vessel. Secondly, the chocolate melted too quickly and begins to thicken. You can not catch the moment when the goal is really achieved and the product can be removed from hot water . Continuing the heat after the readiness, you actually start the chocolate to evaporate. As a result, it will again thicken and burn.

When everything is ready, you need to pour the melted product from the vessel onto a flat surface. It is best to pour on the product of stone, in extreme cases, you can use porcelain. These materials heat up worse and cool very quickly.

Using a spatula, the melted product is stirred to cool to a temperature of 30 ° C.

To determine this indicator is very simple. Feel still liquid chocolate back of the hand. If you feel a slight coolness, this means that the product is brought to the desired state.

You should be warned about one danger that awaits an inexperienced cook: if even a tiny portion of hard chocolate gets into the prepared product, the sweet mass will curtail and you will have to start all over again.

Why on the water bath?
How to melt in the bath?
Why on the water bath?
How to melt in the bath?